The Trondheim Mushroom and Useful Plants Society

The Trondheim Mushroom and Useful Plants Society (TMUPS) is a non profit organisation for people with a special interest in mushrooms, edible or useful wild plants, and the use of these. TMUPS is the local branch of the national organisation Norges sopp- og nyttevekstforening (The Norwegian Mushroom and Useful Plants Society).

Our activities stretches from short afternoon foraging excursions in our local forests, to national conferences spanning several days.

One of our most important contributions, to non–members as well as to members, is our mushroom checkpoint («soppkontroll»), which we arrange regularly during the high season for mushroom picking (mainly august and september). There you can consult certified mushroom experts, get your catch checked for poisonous or inedible species, or just stop by for a chat. Having your catch checked by an expert is a splendid way to expand your foraging knowledge, and in our experience, your mushroom meal tastes much better if you’re certain it’s safe to eat!

We also arrange courses on many different topics throughout the year – mushroom picking for novices, or a more thorough course on intermediate or expert level, as well as courses in edible and medicinal plants, wicker work, wool dying using mushrooms or plants, just to mention some of our most popular courses. Our courses are mainly given in Norwegian.

On these pages, you will find information (mostly in Norwegian) on our activities and courses. If you have any requests for courses or field trips for English speaking groups, contact us, and we’ll see if we are able to arrange something to suit your needs.